Campaigns | How to Send Store Specific Campaigns on Multi-Location Accounts | Marketing Suite

Campaigns | How to Send Store Specific Campaigns on Multi-Location Accounts | Marketing Suite

Multi-Location Accounts and the Astro Marketing Suite

  1. Multi-Location Astro Accounts are comprised of one Master Location and one or several Sub-Locations.
  2. The Master Location can both serve as a store account and an HQ account that has the ability to oversee and make changes to the sub-locations associated with it. The Sub-Locations are able to remain both independent of the Master in some respects and tethered to the Master in others. (ex. Subs can enroll in their own programs and send their own Campaigns, but their customers can shop freely between all stores within a Multi-Location unit.)
  3. Each Location can have Admin Users added to it. Admin Users added to the Master Location are called Master Admins and they have the most power of any User on the account. They can perform Admin functions on all Locations within the Multi-Location Account. Admins added to a Sub-Location can only perform Admin functions on that particular Sub Account. 
  4. If a Pet Owner shops are more than one location then they will be on more than one location's Customer List.
When you activate your Marketing Suite all of your locations will gain access to the Suite. All Admin Users on your account will be able to utilize the tools housed within the Suite.

The Master Location has the ability to send Campaigns to all Pet Owners account-wide, or they can send Campaigns to only the Pet Owners who have been shopping at one of their specific locations. 

You can have store-specific Admin Users send their own store-specific Campaigns directly from their store's sub-location Astro Account- this Campaign will only be sent to the Pet Owners who shop at this location.

How to Send a Campaign to a Specific Location while logged in to the Master Account

In this example we are logged into Midtown Pet Supply as a Master Admin
We have selected Marketing from our header menu and have gone to the Campaigns section of our Marketing Dashboard.
We clicked the red New Campaign button and have selected New Blank Campaign from the options (this also works for the other two options as well if you want to send another type of Campaign).

Now we are on Campaign Setup Step 1 of our New Campaign.
Notice there is a drop-down menu above the customer list that will default to say All Locations.

On this demo account I have 2 Locations total. The Master Location is named Midtown Pet Supply (red arrow), the Sub-Location is named Midtown Pet Supply - Upper East Side (blue arrow). If you have more than one location on your Astro account your drop-down menu will always list those locations along with an additional option- All Locations (green arrow).

Now for some background on how Customer Lists work on a Multi-Location Account. 

When you add a New Customer to one of your locations you are adding them to the Customer List associated with that location. If that customer then goes into another one of your locations and the cashier there looks up their account while logged into their store's account, the act of doing this adds that customer's Pet Owner account to the Customer List at this store. This customer still has the same single Pet Owner account, but now two of your stores will be able to see this customer listed on their store's Customer List. 

The Difference Between Selecting All Locations and Specific Locations

Here's a perfect example of how this will look in Campaigns. I just added 3 New Customers to my Sub-Location - Upper East Side. These Pet Owners have never had their accounts looked up at my Master Location- Midtown Pet Supply

Here's how my All Pet Owner List will look like if I select All Locations. Notice it says 155 total customers. 

Now here's what I get when I select just Midtown Pet Supply, which is my Master Location. This time I get 152 total customers. This is because those 3 customers I added to Upper East Side never shopped at Midtown before. 

And finally here is what happens when I select just Midtown Pet Supply - Upper East Side which is my Sub-Location. This time I only have a list of 3 customers because these are the only customers who have shopped at this particular location. (Bonus Example: If you look at the first customer on this list you can also see her listed on the All Locations List, but not the Midtown List.)

If we uploaded a Customer List to your Astro Account for you then it was uploaded to your Master Location. Your store specific customer lists won't start categorizing themselves until you start checking out your customers and assigning them to your other Sub-Locations. 

Drafting and Sending Campaigns Directly from a Sub-Location

If you have Admin Users associated with your Sub-Locations then they can login to their store and draft and send a Campaign just like you can. The only difference being that they do not have access to the drop-down menu allowing them to select a location or all locations. They will only ever be able to send Campaigns to the customers that shop at their store.
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