Adding & Editing Your Logo

Adding & Editing Your Logo

Your logo is used to brand the kiosk application, your public web page, and communications sent from Astro.  You will need to have a high resolution JPEG of your logo saved on the computer that you will be using for Astro Loyalty.

Look at the top right-hand portion of your home screen.  Find and select, “Actions” and then select “Account Management” from the drop down menu.

Locate “My Logo” and select the brown pencil icon.

The “Upload New Logo” screen will appear. 
  • Select “Choose File”.
  • You will be taken to your Windows File Manager
  • Select your logo file from your computer then Click "Upload and Preview."

The “Preview New Logo” screen will open. 
  • Select “Confirm Logo” if you are happy with the image. 
  • If not select “Cancel” to return to the previous screen and select another image.

Your logo is uploaded and set.  At any time, you can change your logo by revisiting the above steps.
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