Brand Media | Image Library | Marketing Suite

Brand Media | Image Library | Marketing Suite

Astro Brand Partners are able to supply you with digital images intended for both digital marketing campaigns - Email, App Notifications, SMS Text, Social Media - and printed in-store marketing - Shelf-Talkers & Signage.

When a brand publishes an image to their library they are choosing to associate that image to a specific Astro Program or Programs. This ensures that the images accessible to you were specifically designed to help you promote the products in your inventory.

The Brand Media Library is divided into several sections each with its own sub-sections. Each filter you apply will narrow your search even more.

Astro Program Media | Brand Media

These images are associated directly with the Frequent Buyer and Sharing the Love Adoption Programs you are enrolled in, as well as the Astro Offers you are both enrolled in and which are available for you to enroll in. 

Astro Offers | Brand Media

The Brand Media Library allows you to view all Astro Offer Media, regardless of whether or not you have enrolled. We did this in order to help you make last minute changes to your enrollments if you found you missed enrolling in an Offer that interests you. 

Offer Images have a Star Icon at the top righthand corner, beside the favorite heart icon. A White Star means your store is not enrolled in that Offer. A Gold Star ⭐ (yippee!) means your store is enrolled in that Offer. 

If you see an Offer listed in your Brand Media Library that interests you click on the image. This will open up the Offer's info so you can read up on the details of that Offer. If ya dig it, click the red button to Enroll! This will take you directly to the standard Offer Enrollment page where you can select your distributor. Once you complete the enrollment process you will be returned to your Image Library, picking up where you left off.

If you have a Multiple-Location Account on Astro and you followed this process in order to enroll in an Offer make sure that you check your Enrollment Grid to enroll the rest of your locations in the Offer.
Clicking any Offer Image will reveal its Details and a means to Enroll!
Click link to Enroll
This will create a standard Enrollment Pop-up where you can select your Distributor and enter your Account Number. Once you have finished enrolling your store/s click the button top right that says Back to Image Library.

Gold Star! I'm enrolled, baby!

The Offer Media sub-section will default to showing you all Offers, regardless of whether you are enrolled. You are able to apply a filter and show only Enrolled Brands , or only Un-Enrolled Brands, in order to limit your view.

You are also able to filter images even further by selecting a specific brand from the final drop-down provided. 

Frequent Buyer | Brand Media

The Brand Media Library will only show you Frequent Buyer images that relate directly to the Frequent Buyer Programs you have already enrolled in. This is to ensure that you only see images that pertain to your store, otherwise it would be a media overload (Astro has tons of Frequent Buyer Programs!).

This section of the Brand Library has similar filters as the Offer Media section. You are able to view all Brands, or filter to only see a specific brand's media. 

Clicking on an image will show you additional details relating to that program such as its title and description. 

You will always see the single image that is directly attached to a program. but if a brand has opted to upload additional alternative images for their program you will see them listed well.

Sharing the Love | Brand Media

These are all images directly associated with the Sharing the Love Adoption Reward Programs that your store is enrolled in. Clicking on an image will show you additional details relating to that program such as its title and description. You are able to view all brands, or filter images according to a specific brand. 

Shelf Talkers & Printable Signage | Brand Media

Brands, if they so choose, have the option to publish additional marketing materials to their Brand Image Library designed to assist your store in showcasing their brand, products, or loyalty program to your customers. 

These images are high resolution so they will look professional when printed. You have the option to either print them on a standard office printer or take them to a professional print shop.

This is a new addition to the Brand Image Library, and our brand partners are still in the process of being educated on its use, so it may be some time before you see images available to you.

[add link to Brand Media Upload Instructions for retailers to share with their brand reps]

Logos | Brand Media

This section contains the logos of the brands whose Offers, Frequent Buyer, or Sharing the Love Programs your store is enrolled in. These Logo Images can be either Low-Res or High-Res. 

Low-Res Images are more suited for digital marketing via Astro Campaigns, whereas High-Res Images are best suited for printed and social media campaigns. 

You are able to view all brand logos or apply a filter in order to locate a specific brand's logo.

Social Media | Brand Media

Brands are now able to publish images that their marketing teams have designed for use on some of your favorite social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram. These are all High-Res images. Astro has provided the brands with the suggested dimensions for each social media page. When an image is uploaded the brand is able to label it as being intended for a specific social platform, as well as associate it with a specific Astro Program or Programs. You are able to filter according to Program Type or Brand.

These images were designed to be posted directly to your social media pages. In order to share an image you must first Link you Business Facebook Account via Settings. Then you will be able to see the Facebook and Instagram icons above each image, along with the Thumbs Up icon that indicates its of a high enough resolution to share on social media.

Click on the social icon of your choice above the image you wish to share. Type in your caption along with any @tags or #hashtags. Then click Share.

Any @tags or #hashtags you include will be functional within your post, just as if you created the post directly from that social page. Make sure you have your spelling correct though so they function.

You are also able to add these images to a Template and send it as a Campaign. Then you can share that sent Campaign to your Facebook Business page.

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