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This video covers everything you need to know about Astro so you can start using it today, and it is timestamped to help you find what you need help with right away.

1. Account Set Up

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2. Add Employee Users

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3. Enroll In Programs

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4. Adding & Checking Out Customers

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5. Fulfillment Reports

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6. Help Desk

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7. Activating Your Account

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there an Integration with my POS?
Astro was designed as a standalone, so you can still use Astro without integration! We strongly recommend doing the Astro part first. This allows you to catch any pending rewards before you enter the purchase in the POS, so you don't have to reverse them. We find the easiest way to keep up is to have a tablet or other internet-capable device open beside your POS terminal with the Astro page up.
For a list of POS Companies that have an integration with Astro, please visit this article: POS Integration Options

Why does my Scanner not work with Astro?
Most USB or Bluetooth scanners should work with Astro, but Astro is just a web page, so the scanner must work in Human Interface Device (HID mode) which sends the scan as keystrokes to the browser. However, some POS software written for iPads uses scanners in iOS mode. It does not send scans as keystrokes to the browser. Scanners in iOS mode do not work with Astro. You may need to reference your scanners manual to see what mode options you have and what it might be currently set to. If your scanner has to be in iOS mode, it may possible to pair two bluetooth scanners, so you could purchase a cheap bluetooth scanner and use it exclusively for Astro. Otherwise, you can also type in the barcode (usually you only need to type in the last 4-5 digits to find the product) or you can use the drop downs to locate the product on Astro. 

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