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This is now a sub-section of the Astro Media Library and will appear in the first drop-down menu.

Location of Astro Social Media
Notice the toggle provided that says "Optimized For Social Media Only." Checking this box will allow you to find optimized images across the entirety of the Image Library, from Brand Media, to Astro Media, to My Media.

If you are looking for a themed image to post to your Social Media, such as something that is brand specific, program specific, or holiday or adoption themed; then it is best to use this toggle. Check the box and then use the drop-down menus located throughout the Image Library to find an image that matches your desired theme. 

Are you not sure what size images are best suited for each platform? There are cheat sheets out there that can help if you are curious. This section of the Media Library contains images specifically curated and sized for specific social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Both Astro Loyalty's Marketing Team and our Brand Partner's Marketing Teams are able to contribute images to this Library. 

You will be able to see all media published by the Astro Marketing Team, and you will only be able to see Brand Marketing Media pertaining to the brands whose programs you are enrolled in.

Facebook | Social Media

When Astro publishes images for Facebook use we will make sure that they are sized to Facebook's preferred posting dimensions: 940x788 pixels, 1200x628 pixels, 1200x630 pixels. Astro will provide dimension suggestions to our brand partners when they upload to this library, but they will be permitted to upload alternatively sized images that can be used as Event Covers or Cover Images.

These images are ready to be posted directly to your Facebook page. Or they can be added to an Astro Template and sent as part of a Campaign. Then when that Campaign is posted to your Facebook page you can choose that image to be the shared image on that post.

Coming Soon! We are adding API integration that will allow you to click on any image in the Library and then share it directly to your Facebook page.

Instagram | Social Media

The majority of these images will be 1080x1080 pixels, which is the ideal image size when posting on Instagram. 

Since there is no way to post an image from a PC Browser to an Instagram account you will need to download an image displayed here and save it to your phone (via Airdrop, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, or email attachment). We are working on ways to make this process simpler for you.


Are you familiar with Canva? Canva can be used to design images for any media platform, including Instagram. It is free to open a basic account. It can be used on your PC's browser, or you can download a Desktop App. They also have a free Phone App, which can make posting a designed image directly to Instagram a cinch. Added bonus, it is very easy to use Canva to size an existing image to suite any platform's publishing suggestions. So if you see an image in the Astro Library that has been sized for Instagram, and you want to share it as a Facebook post you can use Canva to resize it for you!

The Astro Marketing Team has started sharing our Canva design links for the images we create for Instagram use on our Promotion & Marketing Materials Guides. These are published regularly to the Astro Loyalty Blog.

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