Astro Training Videos | Astro Retailers

Astro Training Videos | Astro Retailers

Astro Loyalty Training Videos
These videos will go over everything from enrolling in programs, adding customers, checking out customers, automated reporting, adding employee users, and how to access our help desk.

1. Account Set Up

2. Add Employee Users

Adding, Editing, Masquerading & Removing Employee Users

We strongly recommend that you add a Cashier User for checking out customers. Their interface is much simpler and it keeps your Admin User free to perform Admin tasks such as enrolling in programs and reviewing reports.

3. Enroll In Programs

4. Adding & Checking Out Customers

Checking Out Customers

Sally Pet Owner is going to be your best friend and your best customer! Her Pet Owner account is not linked to our automated reporting, so if you redeem a frequent buyer card on her Pet Owner account it will not report to your distributor as a real redemption.
Remember: Your Free Trial is completely live. So any cards that you redeem on any Pet Owner accounts that you add for your customers will report to your distributors as real redemptions and will be processed for credit. 

5. Fulfillment Reports

Distributor Free Goods Credit Status Report | Standard Issue
Astro Offers | Reports | Distributor Rebate Credit Batches

6. Help Desk

If you need any help getting started select " Contact Astro Agent" from the red banner at the top of your Astro homepage. Clicking the red Help button will bring you to our Knowledge Base which is full of helpful articles and walkthroughs.

7. Activating Your Account

Activating Your Astro Account | Retailers


Why does my Scanner not work with Astro?

Most USB or Bluetooth scanners should work with Astro, but Astro is just a web page, so the scanner must work in Human Interface Device (HID mode) which sends the scan as keystrokes to the browser. However, some POS software written for iPads uses scanners in iOS mode. It does not send scans as keystrokes to the browser. Scanners in iOS mode do not work with Astro, but only because they do not work with the Safari browser. You may need to reference your scanners manual to see what mode options you have and what it might be currently set to. If your scanner has to be in iOS mode, it may possible to pair two blue tooth scanners, so you could purchase a cheap blue tooth scanner and use it exclusively for Astro. Otherwise, you can also type in the barcode (usually you only need to type in the last 4-5 digits to find the product) or you can use the drop downs to locate the product on Astro. 

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