POS Report Accounts | Offer POS Report Upload

POS Report Accounts | Offer POS Report Upload

Astro Offers | POS Report Upload

For POS Report and Nightly Feed Data accounts. Please contact support@astroloyalty.com to enabled this feature for your account. 

Astro will now allow you to upload redemption reports for Astro Offers. We want everyone to be able to participate in our amazing promotions and we have made it easier than ever to save you from having to log on and enter transactions one by one. We have a few rules to follow along with step by step instructions below:

1. All offer uploads must be uploaded into Astro no later than 15 days after an offer ends. Credits are not guaranteed if the deadline has passed.

2. The exact format on the excel must be followed and all required values must be input or the line items that are non compliant (either missing values or inaccurate information) will not upload and you will not receive credit for that transaction.

3. Your offers may vary as to availability. We understand you get our monthly flyers and newsletters that may have more offers than are visible. At times, Manufacturers impose max caps on a promotion. Given that POS report uploads occur after the fact, we cannot allow those types of promotions for uploads. Good news is, most offers do not have limits! Consumer limits will apply ex/ 2 per customer. The upload will automatically reject any transactions that exceed the consumer limits.

How to Upload

First step is to enroll in the Offer. For How to Enroll in an Offer please read: Enrolling in Astro Offers

On the Offers section, select Offer Redemption Uploads

Then select "Template Download" to get the formatted excel file that you will need to use for all Offer submission uploads. 

Once you have filled out the form, you can Upload the information by selected "Upload New Redemption File"
You have 15 days after the Offer expires to upload your reports. Please note that this must be done through Astro. DO NOT submit this to directly to your distributor. They will not be processed that way. 
If converting a tab delimited file or comma separated file (.csv) to .xls or .xlsx in excel, make sure the UPC field is in format ="111111111111" in the tab delimited/csv file or make sure the UPC field is set to text (not general) 

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