Astro Offers | My Brands & Grid View

Astro Offers | My Brands & Grid View

Grid View

Grid View will allow you to see both your Available Astro Offers and your Offer Shelf Talkers as clear images. This is great for those who prefer using images to help them find what they are looking for.

Available Astro Offers

Start by going to your Offers menu and select Available Astro Offers

At the top right of your page you will see the Grid View icon (see green arrow). To enter Grid View click on that icon so it becomes highlighted in blue. Now you will see all of your Available Offers listed along with their images in a very visual and easy to navigate menu. To enroll, click on the image or where it says Offer Details below the image. 

If you prefer List View click on the List View icon which is located beside the Grid View icon and your Available Offers will return to their original List View. 

Prior to enrolling in an Offer you will still be able to read the Offer's Description and Terms & Conditions. After enrolling you will see a pop-up containing your Shelf Talker relating to that Offer.

Grid View | Offer Shelf Talkers

Start by going to your Offers menu and select Offer Shelf Talkers. Here you will find both a Grid View and a List View option for viewing your Shelf Talkers relating to your enrolled Offers. 

Choose the view that suits you best. 

My Brands | Available Astro Offers 

We are so pleased to introduce a new feature called: MY BRANDS!

What is this you ask? We want you to be able to create a menu of all the brands you carry in your store! Once you have all of your brands selected and saved you will be able to apply it as a filter to all available Offers listed. This will help you focus in on the Offers that pertain to the products you carry at your store. It will also help ensure that when one of your favorite Brands decides to launch an Offer for the very first time on Astro, that you won't miss out on it!

My Brands Setup for Astro Offers

  1. Start by going to your Offers menu and select Available Astro Offers.
  2. To the right of your screen, you will see where you can toggle between a Grid Style View (mentioned above) or a List Style View (which is the view you are familiar with). Choose whichever makes you happy!
  3. Click on the red My Brands button.

  1. Check the box at the top right corner beside the brands you carry (blue arrow). When the brand is selected it will be encased in a blue border.

  1. Once you have scrolled through the whole list of brands and checked all the ones you wish to track, click the green button that says Save My Brands (green arrow).
  2. Now you can click the red Back to Offers button at the top right corner of your page to return to your list of Available Astro Offers
  3. The far right drop-down menu gives you to option to apply a filter called "Sort By My Brands". 

Now you'll never miss a thing!
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