Astro Media | Image Library | Marketing Suite

Astro Media | Image Library | Marketing Suite

This Library is curated with images to help you showcase your Neighborhood Pet Shop. It contains two main categories of images.
  1. Astro Lifestyle Media - Adoption Images, Banners & Buttons for your e-commerce, business or social webpages, or Astro Templates, My Promotion Images, Holiday Images, and Digital Campaign Images. 
  2. Astro Logos - PNG Logos/Vectors which you can add to your various webpages, attach to signage, or incorporate into your campaigns if you so choose.
The default view of this Library will be to show you all available media belonging to both primary categories, but you can apply filters in order to find the perfect image for your needs.

Astro Lifestyle Media

When selecting Astro Lifestyle Media from the first drop-down filter you will notice a second and third drop-down filter appears. These filters can be used in tandem, meaning you can make a specific selection from both to create a more narrow search (ex. "Cat" + "Adoption"), or you can use them independently from one another to create a broader search (ex. "All Pet Types" + "Holiday").

Pet Types

All Images within this Library will feature a pet of some sort. Some will be images of just the pet/s, while others will include people interacting with those pets.

Currently Pet Type options include:
  1. Dog
  2. Cat
  3. Bird
  4. Small Animal - ex. Rabbit, Guinea Pig, and other small companion mammals
  5. Horse
  6. Other - ex. snakes, lizards, chickens, pigs, unicorns, etc. As a specific pet type grows in this Library they will eventually get assigned their own specific category rather than be assigned to "other".
  7. Multiple Pet Groups - There is more than one type of animal in the picture - i.e. dog & cat, etc

Image Type

This is where you will find a majority of the images that you will need when designing your Astro Template or your My Promotion within the Astro Marketing Suite. The categories assigned here are meant to help you locate a style of image faster, not to limit you to what that image can be used for. If you find a Holiday Image that you want to add to your website as a banner, go for it!

Adoption | Astro Lifestyle Media


The majority of these images were designed to be paired with your Sharing the Love campaigns and are branded with the Sharing the Love logo. There are images such as the one above that work really well on social media and Astro Templates. There are also images that work well within Templates as secondary images or on your website as a banner. 

There are other images within this section that are not watermarked with Sharing the Love logo; these images can be used for any adoption event you may be hosting or bringing awareness to. 

Please do not remove the Sharing the Love logo from any of the images that it already appears on. You are more than welcome to add a Sharing the Love logo to any image you own the rights to in order to promote your own Sharing the Love program.

Buttons & Banners | Astro Lifestyle Media


When creating or editing an Astro Template you are able to transform a Single Image Element into a clickable link. This trick will allow you to turn any image on your Astro Template into a button! You can create a button link to an Event page, a Blog article, a brand or product website, a Rescue's event or page, a shelter pet's bio, a survey, etc. The possibilities are endless!

FYI: Your Astro Campaign Footer (appears automatically at the bottom of all sent Campaigns) will contain several links for your customers to click on: Business Website, Business Facebook, Business Twitter, Business Instagram, Business Email. 


The majority of these banners were designed specifically for your etailpet e-Commerce website. You will find two different sizes. 
  1. etailpet Shop Now Banner Dimensions: 1350x350 pixels
  2. etailpet Secondary Banner Dimensions: 1350x280 pixels
The Shop Now Banner is the primary banner on your page while the Secondary Banner is the slightly smaller banner. If you need help with adding a banner to your etailpet page reach out to your etailpet support team.

You will also find some other banner sizes that can be used for your Facebook or Business pages. 

Do you need specific sized banners for another web platform? Let us know via Attn: Marketing Image Request

Holiday | Astro Lifestyle Media

These images will change depending on the holidays on the horizon. Once a holiday passes the corresponding images will be hidden from view. This will ensure that whenever you enter this section of the library that you only see images that are relevant to current or approaching holidays.

You may find images under Holiday that are also located under other primary or secondary libraries - such as Social Media and Buttons & Banners. This is to help you find the right image for your project whether you are looking based on image content (i.e. Holiday) or intended platform (i.e. Social Media).

The dimensions of the image will alert you to its intended purpose, but don't let that limit you!
  1. Facebook Dimensions: 1200x628 pixels or 1200x630 pixels
  2. Instagram Dimensions: 1080x1080 pixels
  3. etailpet e-Commerce Banner Dimensions: 1350x350 pixels or 1350x280 pixels
Pay close attention to the size of the images added here. Images that twice as wide as they are tall look really nice as Title Images on Campaign Templates or as posts on Facebook. 

My Promotions | Astro Lifestyle Media

My Promotions are custom promotions that you can create using the Marketing Suite. After you create a My Promotion you are able to share it with your customers via Astro Templates and Campaigns using a Promo/Offer Element (the same element used to showcase a specific Astro Offer on a template). My Promotions will also appear under the Monthly Promotions section of your My Astro Webpage (aka Flyer Link).

In order for a My Promotion to appear on a Template or the My Astro Webpage/Flyer it needs an image. The image must be a perfect square. Minimum 400x400 pixels, Maximum 800x800 pixels. The images within this section are already sized appropriately and they all explain either a specific promotion or a general promotion. How to add a My Promotion Image to your My Promotion.

Tip: While reading an Astro Marketing Guide on the Astro Loyalty Blog you may have noticed mention of My Promotion Suggestions relating to a particular holiday. We often make My Promotion Images based on these suggestion and this section of the Astro Media Library is where you will find them!

Campaign Images | Astro Lifestyle Media

These images were designed to be used on Astro Templates.

There are wide images (i.e. 1200x630 pixels) that can be used as Title Images - the primary images on your Template and are often added to Single Image Elements. 

There are also square images and smaller dimension images which look best on the columned elements: Multi-Image Elements, or Multi-Image with Text Elements. 

Tip: If adding more than one image to a columned element make sure the dimensions of each image match one another. This will ensure that they line up when placed beside one another.

Astro Logos

These are hi-resolution logos for Astro Loyalty and its many platforms. You are welcome to use these images in your designs when marketing your many Astro programs.
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