Astro Free Goods By Redemption Date | Retailer Reports Menu

Astro Free Goods By Redemption Date | Retailer Reports Menu

1. Go to the Reports menu as an Admin user. 

2. Select Astro Free Goods By Redemption Date. 

3. The report will default to showing Today's Redemptions for All Manufacturers, All Distributors and All Locations (if you have multiples). You can filter these fields to focus in on a particular Manufacturer or Distributor or expand your overall search to show Yesterday or a Custom Date Range. Everytime you alter these filters you will need to click the Refresh button.

The report will show you the Manufacturer Brand, the description of the Batch the free good is currently residing on (Today/Yesterday will most likely still show a New Reward description unless the distributor batched their new reports soon after the redemption occured.) If the redemption was older the Batch Description will show you the same description that would be visible on either your Distributor Free Goods Batches or your Retailer Free Goods Batches - depending on whether your program is Astro/Distributor-Fulfilled or Retailer/Self-Fulfilled. 

If you are using Self-Fulfilled Tracking programs, A quick way to tell if a Redemption is on a Retailer/Self-Fulfilled report vs a Distributor-Fulfilled report is by comparing the name below MFG to the name below Fulfillment - if the names match the redemption is on a Retailer/Self-Fulfilled report (it will be the Manufacturer/MFG name for both). If they are different, like the ones listed in the image below, they are all Distributor-Fulfilled redemptions.
If you have more than one location on your account (and you are logged in under your main account) you will be able to see the specific location where the redemption occured. If the batch report the redemption/s are located on has been fulfilled/credited you will see the date this took place.
This report also has an Export option. Once you have your filters applied and are viewing the information you would like a saved record of you can select the red Export button. Astro will export the filtered data into an Excel or .xls document. This export will contain the same information as it is listed on the report in Astro.

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