Activating Your Astro Account

Activating Your Astro Account

Activating Your Account from Free Trial

7. Activate Astro from Astro Loyalty on Vimeo.

To change from Free Trial to Active, do the following:

Go to Activate Full Version, and select it.

Activate Full Account 1.png

Or go to your Actions menu at the top tool bar, then scroll down and select Billing Information.

Account Activation Step 1

This screen allows you to select the Astro Loyalty services you wish to partake in.  Check the services you want to keep, and remember during the Free Trial you had access to Astro Offers, Astro Frequent BuyerCustom Programs and Loyalty Points. Astro’s Marketing Suite is always included, regardless of what other services you choose. Astro Offers is included with Frequent Buyer.

Only check the program features that you need

Keep in mind that if you do not check the boxes to activate for Frequent Buyer, Custom Programs, or Loyalty Points they will no longer be available to you in your account. If you want to utilize any of those programs please be sure to select them during activation.

If you want to use Astro for just Taste of the Wild then Diamond will cover the cost of your membership. You will need to activate for Diamond TOW Only by clicking the red button. You will only be able to use Astro to track and report their Taste of the Wild and Prey programs. You will not have access to Astro Offers. If you decide you want to activate a full Astro account later you can do so.

Account Activation Step 2

Enter your payment method. This will be the payment method that we keep on file. It can be updated at anytime by going to “Actions” and then “Billing Information”. Once you have entered your payment information select Continue to Confirmation.

Enter in your credit card information

Step 3 Astro Terms & Conditions

The Astro Loyalty Retailer Terms & Conditions will be displayed.  Read through them and print them if you like. Check the I agree to the terms and conditions box and select Continue.

You will be asked to verify your account selections one last time.  If everything is correct, select Activate AccountAccount Activation Complete will open.

Welcome to the Astro Alliance of Independent Retailers!

How to Activate a Full Astro Account from a Restricted Account

At the top of your Astro homescreen, just below the Astro logo you will see a light pink banner that says "Restricted Account - Click for Details". Click on that pink banner.

This opens up a page that looks like this:

The second to the last sentence says "To activate the full version of Astro Loyalty and participate in all Manufacturer Frequent Buyer programs, Click Here. Click where it says "Click Here".

This brings you to this screen where you can choose the services that you want to add to your subscription and enter your credit card information.

Astro Frequent Buyer and Offers will already be checked for you. If you want to add additional services such as Custom Programs or Loyalty Points you can check those boxes as well.

Once you have all your information added and your services checked click Continue to Confirmation

This will take you to where you can review Astro's Terms & Conditions. You can print this page in order to save it for your records if you would like to. You will also be able to review the services you choose and the credit card info you entered. Once you are satisfied everything was entered correctly you can select Activate Account. 

The Admin user you were logged in as while activating will now be your Primary Billing Contact. This Admin will have access to the Billing section of the Actions menu and will be who we email if there are any issues with the credit card on file. 

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